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I'm crazy but I'm losing weight

The best way to lose weight, there is something to think about. When most types of physical activity have been tried for effective weight loss:

I'm crazy but I'm losing weight
I'm crazy but I'm losing weight

  1. but the results of training remain unsatisfactory,

  2. or when the monotonous classes in the gym got bored,

  3. it is worth trying such a sports direction as horse riding. Equestrian sport is not very common in the modern world, and especially in a metropolis, but it brings a lot of pleasure and maximum benefit to the body. In addition, for women, horseback riding can be an excellent substitute for well-known standard fitness training.

Surely many people paid attention to the slenderness of the figures and the graceful posture of the girls - riders. In many ways, this effect is the result of frequent riding, which, in fact, combines a whole range of exercises for women. Equestrian sport helps to develop agility, endurance and other sports skills, to pump almost all the muscles. Thanks to these qualities, riding a horse can replace a full-fledged fitness session, both in terms of physical activity and energy consumption. Isn't it the best way to lose weight.

Those who are just thinking about riding can intimidate by their complexity. But you should not be afraid of this, since the first training sessions are held under the supervision of an instructor, and the ride is done at a walking pace. Already after the rider and the horse get used to each other and acquire the skill to confidently stay in the saddle, new riding techniques are mastered, which significantly contribute to effective weight loss. Approximate amount of energy consumption per hour when using various riding techniques:

  1. walking tour - 300 kcal;

  2. trotting, the technique of which can be mastered in a couple of months - 500 kcal;

  3. galloping - up to 700 kcal.

The number of calories burned while riding speaks for itself: this type of exercise provides effective weight loss no worse than the usual cardio workouts in the gym or jogging. And in some aspects, such training has more advantages, since the load on the joints and spinal column during horse races is not as great as in fitness classes that include running. Significant energy consumption, providing effective weight loss - this is not all the benefits of riding. Even with the formation of the skill to stay in the saddle, the muscles of the thighs, the entire muscular corset of the back and the muscles of the core are included in the work. Thus, just learning to sit steadily on a horse replaces more than one exercise for women in the gym. The best way to lose weight, horseback riding may well replace full-fledged fitness classes, since during training in the saddle the following processes occur in the body:

  1. Fat cells are split in the thighs, buttocks and lower abdomen, and these are precisely the areas that are difficult to work out with standard exercises for women in the gym in order to lose weight.

  2. The muscles of the whole body are worked out effectively and evenly, especially the muscles of the lower extremities and the oblique muscles of the abdominal press. All this gives the figure harmonious proportions.

  3. Posture, grace and plasticity develop. No exercise for women in the gym can bring as much grace to daily movements as horseback riding.

  4. With regular training at least 2 times a week, the correct seat in the saddle forms the habit of keeping your back in a straight position with straightened shoulders and a raised chin. A person gets used to keeping the body in this position even outside of training, so horseback riding is an ideal prevention of stoop and curvature of the spine without the use of special fitness complexes.

  5. Classes contribute to the training of coordination of movements and the ability to maintain balance. This is due to the fact that during the training, in order to control and direct the horse in the right direction, it is necessary to involve not only the upper and lower limbs, but the whole body.

  6. Compared to conventional fitness training, the appearance of cellulite is significantly reduced. This is due to the provision of a massage effect when riding on the buttocks and inner thighs, as well as effective heating of the muscles from physical activity and contact with the body of an animal, the temperature of which is much higher than that of a person.

  7. The mood improves, the emotional background stabilizes, the influence of frequent stresses on the nervous system decreases. Medical specialists and psychologists, summarizing all the beneficial properties of horseback riding for physical and mental health, singled out equestrian sport as a separate branch in medicine. It is called hippotherapy and consists in close contact with an animal in order to obtain positive impressions and emotional release. Therefore, the main feature of hippotherapy is not so much getting rid of physiological problems and disturbances in the functioning of the body, but the treatment of neuropsychiatric diseases in the process of communicating with an intelligent animal away from city noise.

The best way to lose weight, horseback riding, in addition to effective weight loss and strengthening the muscles of the whole body, helps to gain self-confidence, develops femininity and dexterity, teaches you to concentrate on the main thing, charges you with optimism and gives you a great mood. Hippotherapy and horseback riding are recommended for people with the following health problems:

  1. excess weight;

  2. diseases of the urinary system and gynecological problems;

  3. posture disorders;

  4. cardiac ischemia;

  5. disruption of the endocrine system, thyroid disease and regular hormonal disruptions;

  6. psychoneurological diseases.

But, like any physical activity, this sport as an alternative to fitness has a number of contraindications, which include:

  1. any internal inflammatory processes;

  2. hematological diseases;

  3. injuries of the spinal column, hernia and protrusion;

  4. thrombophlebitis.

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