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A white horse has something special. These horses are different and unique, so do they deserve a unique name ? When you have a white horse it is normal to have a name based on the color of its fur. But sometimes it is difficult to find the right name for you. We've prepared a list of 47 names to help you choose. Some have to do with the fur color of your white horse and I'm sure you'll find the right one for you.



If you have a memorable, meaningful and simply wonderful white horse, you will definitely choose one of these very popular names:

Cloud Casper Angel Champagne Sky Crystal Pearl Storm Snowy Snow White Marshmallow Snowball Luna Sugar


While you can give your white horse any great horse name, a name that refers to your horse's color can be particularly meaningful. A name inspired by the color white may sound natural and may also help other people in the stable to learn and remember your horse's name more easily. It's also fun to choose a name that honors your horse's appearance. There are many famous white horses you can take inspiration from. The legendary Pegasus in Greek mythology was white , and legendary horses such as the Gem Twist , Snowman , and Milton may also give you ideas for your horse's name.

But there are many other potential ideas as well. Consider naming your horse white food, white flowers , or even different types of clouds. You will probably find it easier to make a list of potential names. When you have a name in mind, write it down and save it. When you have many names, sort your favourites. You may find that some names come naturally to your horse, while others do not. If you're considering a name, try it for a few days and see if it fits your horse. An ideal name will be easy to pronounce and remember, and only a few syllables long, so you can use it regularly when training your horse. To avoid confusion between horses and people, look for a name that doesn't sound too similar to the names of the other horses in your stable.

While the stable name needs to be short and sweet, you have more room for creativity when choosing your horse's show name or proprietary name. Traditionally, these names refer to your horse's ancestry, but you can also choose to create a unique name that has nothing to do with your horse's heritage. You have to be creative. Start thinking of your favorite phrases, references to snow or the North Pole, or names that evoke or honor some of the famous white horses mentioned above. When racing your horse, remember to choose an easy-to-read and easy-to-pronounce name so that the show announcer can pronounce your horse's name correctly when announcing your ranking.

If you are going to register your horse, be sure to consult the naming guidelines of the breed registry before choosing the perfect registered name. Most registries have strict rules that determine how many characters a name can contain, whether you can add punctuation to a name, and more. Make sure you can save the name you chose. Make a list in case the name is already taken. If you're still looking for great ideas, read on and consider using one of these white horse names for your horse or pony. All of these names can be used as fixed names, but you can also integrate them into the registered or show name.


Moon Ivory Clara Diamond Moondance Faith Fog Arctic Nova Ghost Moonlight Orchid Daisy

Daisy Stratus Blizzard Camellia Lily Dreamer Princess Iris Snowdrop Cream Coconut Jasmine Cirrus Pegasus Peony Nimbus Starlight Wings Twister Moonbeam

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