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Horse rides

Horseback riding in the suburbs, on horseback, gives a feeling of independence. Also discovering at the same time that you can live with pleasure, and not just in tension. Y. Lalleri, French doctor and psychologist. Aristocracy is back in fashion. In Europe, horseback riding, horseback riding in the forest, are considered purely aristocratic occupations.

Horse rides
Horse rides

First: a certain etiquette, good manners for horses and riders.

Secondly: exquisite equipment.

Thirdly: the general atmosphere of secular entertainment is irresistibly attractive to the Russian soul, languishing in aesthetics. Beginning in 1836, all Moscow nobility gathered at the hippodrome. Admire the races and enjoy the refined society ...... read more . You can find out what is good about riding a horse here .

Sand pits are flooded with water (groundwater). They are two large interconnected picturesque ponds. The relief, landscapes, vegetation of these places are extremely beautiful. Getting to these places it is impossible not to be surprised by the exotic beauty. On the face of it, anything, but not the suburbs.

See also: sandy beaches.

In addition: the boundless sky and the gentle rays of the sun reflected in the mirror of the water.

Definitely a fabulous place.

– horseback riding through the forest individually

— horseback riding in the suburbs for two

— horseback riding in the suburbs for children

— horseback riding in the suburbs for adults with children

— horseback riding in the suburbs for the company

Horseback riding through the forest can be done not only by two, but also by the whole family. Both adults and children. For young riders we have smaller horses. On which the child will feel calm. Horses of various classes are always at your service. We will help you take the first steps in communicating with the horse.

You can check the prices for our services here . You can buy a horse ride in the suburbs in advance, at any time convenient for you. If the weather on the appointed day is not suitable for horseback riding through the forest, then you can always reschedule your holiday date to any other day.

Going to us for a horseback ride, you should not forget. That your clothes should be as comfortable as possible. What should be the clothes you can see here .

A horse ride for two is a gift full of joyful emotions, unusual.

Certificates for riding lessons or just ride beautiful, well-groomed horses. Certificates for photo shoots with horses. You can learn more about certificates  here  .


Buy a horse!

Choosing and buying a horse has always been, is and will not be easy.

As soon as you have…….. more here . Whoever is interested will click, not everyone is interested, so we don’t ship everyone)))

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