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Horse riding

Equestrian lessons or equestrian - a method of transportation in which a person (rider) is on the back of an animal (most often a horse, less often a donkey, camel, elephant, etc.). In a narrower sense - one of the types of amateur sports or leisure. In professional equestrian sports, equestrian is divided into separate disciplines such as racing, dressage, show jumping, triathlon, equestrian and jumping. The medical use of horseback riding is called hippotherapy. Riding, why do people do it? What is it?

Horse riding
Horse riding

Dance with a horse, with hooves and heartbeats, with fast running, on forest paths, in a quarry, with the sand coming out from under the hooves, with the sun and wind in your hair and horse mane. The horse seems to be putting you on a pedestal and you are no longer an ordinary person, no, you are an Amazon famous for riding. No wonder they say that riders don't want to look taller than other people, but still stay one and a half meters closer to the sky.

First, horseback riding is beneficial for both adults and children. Second, it helps keep muscle tone normal. And also trains the vestibular apparatus. It also relieves stress and tension, helps to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In our equestrian sports club we will teach you: - how to sit in the saddle correctly, - how to interact with the horse, - master the methods of controlling the horse . Everyone wants to be one with the horse, I feel light in management. As if the horse was waiting for your command. After all, a horse is like an entire element that you control. And we wish you patience to fully master the riding. Because wanting is not enough.

Riding lessons: - taking into account the individual wishes of the students, - their characteristics, this is age, physical fitness and level of experience. If you want to improve your equestrian skills, we will offer you training in all kinds of equestrian sports.

Riding: - from the passage of safety procedures, - familiarization with the rules of care and communication with the horse. Because every horse requires its own special, individual approach.

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