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How to get on a horse and how to dismount.

Be sure to learn how to mount a horse from the ground, and yet, as a rule, when landing with a special stand or with the help of another person, there is much less pressure on the horse's back. In addition, these methods are safer than landing from the ground. Most accidents happen when riders try to get on their horses. If you are already sitting down from the ground, it is best that an assistant holds the stirrups on the right side of the horse., so that the saddle does not move to the other side. saddle. How to mount a horse?]

How to get on a horse and how to dismount.
How to get on a horse and how to dismount.

How to mount a horse without help. 1) Before attempting to mount the horse, throw the reins over the horse's head and around the neck. The correct length of the stirrups should be approximately the length of your outstretched arm, so adjust the stirrups beforehand by putting your fingers on the buckle that the putties are fastened to and pulling the stirrups up to the level of your armpit until the putlish is taut.

3) Stand with on the left side of the horse facing the tail and take both reins in your left hand. It's also a good idea to grab a strand of mane. 4) Take the stirrup with your right hand and turn it towards you. The stirrup must be rotated clockwise so that the putlische is not twisted when you sit in the saddle.

5) Lift your left foot and insert it into the stirrup. Place your right hand on the saddle seat.

6) off the ground, simultaneously grab the opposite side of the saddle with your right hand.

7) Having risen high enough above the ground, you can grab the back of the saddle with your right hand and use it to keep your balance. Raise your right leg so that it does not touch the back and croup of the horse. 8) At this point, begin to bring your right leg over the horse's back. Move your right hand back to the front of the saddle and grasp the front pommel or neck of the horse with it to keep your body elevated above the saddle in balance. How to mount a horse[

9) As your right leg will come down on the right side of the horse, shift your weight onto your hands so you don't swing into the saddle. Gently lower yourself into the saddle.

10) You are now sitting on the horse. Insert your right foot into the stirrup and then disassemble the reins.

Or how to get off a horse.

Learning to dismount is also very important. Don't try to imitate countless cowboys and Indians , throwing a leg forward of the saddle. If the horse raises its head, then at best you will be thrown back, or, at worst, a frightened horse will jump or carry , and everything will end in failure. Be sure to take both feet out of the stirrups , lean forward and swing your right leg behind the saddle. Needless to say, it is necessary to check whether the place of your landing is free from foreign objects. 1) In preparation for dismounting, take both feet out of the stirrups and place both reins and the whip in your left hand. 2) Place both hands on the pommel of the saddle or on the horse's neck. Lean forward. 3) Now swing your right leg over the horse's back. 4) Take the left leg back and slightly to the side towards the right leg, which is now moving along the left side of the horse. Support your body by grabbing the saddle with your hands. 5) Jump to the ground with both feet at the same time. Bend your knees to cushion the impact. 6) Straighten up and tighten the stirrups, throw the reins over the horse's head.

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