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How to sign up for horseback riding

If spontaneously, now you want to ride horses. Give us a call, we'll do our best to make your wishes come true. Call and tell us about your wishes, how you would like the horse ride to go. We are for an individual approach to each guest!!! What we need to know when recording: - when you want arrive (day), - what time do you want to arrive (time), - the number of riders, - what riding experience do the riders have, - how long do you want to ride (half an hour, an hour, one and a half, two, etc.), - in what If you want a walk, after agreeing on your details (your wishes), we make an appointment (we book a horse or horses for you).

How to sign up for horseback riding
How to sign up for horseback riding

Upon arrival at the equestrian club, you must call us. For our employee to meet you. After the meeting, acquaintance with the horses and briefing, respectively. First, we show how to get on the horse and how to get off. The next thing is how to hold the reins. Further, how to give commands "forward", "stop", "left", "right". Of course, how to hold arms, legs, back. And also what to do and what not to do.

After everyone got on their horses, we went for a walk in the forest.

It happens that in your company there are riders of different levels. Someone wants a walk, and someone wants to trot and gallop. It is better to discuss this at the stage of agreeing on a horse ride. As for the trot and canter. Before jumping, check with the instructor who accompanies you.

During the walk we make stops to take a photo on your carrier. Video respectively.

The best option is one hour, but you can extend it. You choose the duration of the walk yourself, half an hour, an hour, one and a half, two, etc. All horse rides are held individually and there are no groups.

If you want to come for a horse ride with children, please let us know in advance. For our little guests we will provide smaller horses. Also, children will be given helmets.

After a horseback ride, you can treat the horses (carrots, apples, sugar). And it's better for you to bring with you, otherwise we may run out.

You can ride a sleigh or a carriage with us. We can also deliver horses and sledges, if you wish, a carriage.

Unusual, exquisite gift, full of romantic impressions and joyful emotions. The walk will delight you with the beauty of the landscape and provide an opportunity to spend unforgettable time with a loved one. Photo and video support included!

Without intermediaries!!!

]We also have a deer farm that you can visit after horseback riding. In addition to deer, there are other animals (chanterelles, arctic foxes, raccoons, rabbits, ferrets, wild boars, wolves, huskies, goats, sheep, cows). All these animals can also be treated. Of course, take a picture with them, touch them. Next, go into the yurt and see how the peoples of the Far North live.

You can find out more about horseback riding here .

Buy a horse!

Choosing and buying a horse has always been, is and will not be easy.

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