– Need not be previously horse riding experience. The problem is not everyone can make a physical contribution over the age of 18. Horses trained horses and quiet.

– All of our trips are natural trails.

– Avoid restricting the movement of clothes. In particular sub-group should be flexible and do your clothes should be closed to the ankles.

– Constrain the parent group and sub-group, such as arm movements, especially in garments should be flexible.

– Sandals, slippers, etc.. should not be as open shoes. Casual shoes, sports shoes must be worn at or smaller pattern.

– 30 minutes before an appointment is reached. The reason is to have enough time to check-out lane.

– 200 meters after the start of expression on the track at the gown to be reached by hiking.

– Failure to service because it is eating plant food products are requested from outside.

– Plantation site is quite easy. However, because it is rural areas krokideki encourage you to save the details of the place. Communication link with SKETCH available.

– Security titles we hold ready to be mounted.

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