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Big Jake , the Belgian gelding horse , gained worldwide fame for his extraordinary size . Standing (without iron) at an incredible height of 2.10 meters . He officially became the tallest living horse when he was measured on January 19, 2010. Since winning the Guinness World Record title eight years ago, hundreds of visitors have flocked to Smokey Hollow Farm in Poynette, Wisconsin, USA , to see this magnificent steed with their own eyes .


"People are always impressed to see it in person," said Jerry Gilbert , owner and manager of the farm. "Ever since Big Jake got the record , everyone wants to see it. The farm gets a lot of visitors" A testament to Big Jake's enduring popularity , this video posted on the Guinness World Records YouTube channel in 2012 has been viewed over 3.5 million times.

Descended from two medium-sized horses , Big Jake weighed 109 kg at birth; he was big for a colt, but not exceptional.

Jerry bought it when he was 3 years old. Since he bought it, it has grown every year.

2011: Guinness World Records visited Smokey Hollow Farm to take photos of Big Jake for the book

Forcément, Big Size, Big Appetite. He eats more than the norm. He eats a bale of hay a day. In addition to this hay, he eats 2 buckets of grain a day.

Along with extra food, there's also plenty of accommodation for the world's largest horse .

“Everything has to be big! His stall is 610x610cm while an average stall is about 360x360cm… when transporting it, you have to use a semi-trailer ”.

Big Jake used to compete in draft horse shows, but has since retired - he's now 17 - and spends his time greeting fans at events or relaxing on the farm with other horses .

Jerry says the mighty animal likes to be the center of attention - having his belly massaged and his neck scratched are his favorite thing. Despite his enormous stature, Jake is "pretty easy-going".

Circumstances or luck, Jerry watched from a very young age the records for the tallest horse and the fastest in the Guinness book of records. Holding the official record is "awesome", he added. Before Big Jake was measured, the tallest living horse was Remington , a Clydesdale horse which measured 2.03 m on June 6, 2009 at Lake Country Animal Hospital in Frisco, Texas, USA. Jake's record was set eight years ago, but only time will tell if this iconic title will ever be broken . Such noble horses do not appear often. By comparison, the smallest living horse – female is Thumbelina , a sorrel-brown miniature mare who stands 44.5 cm at the withers. She foaled on March 1, 2002 and is owned by Kay and Paul Goessling who live at Goose Creek Farm Inc, St Louis, Missouri, USA.

Each time the record for the tallest horse is broken. Large horses are highly regarded and generally attract visitors and the love of the public . In addition, it is usually draft horses that reach large sizes and these horses are kind and docile. If you like these horses, we have a Draft Horse Chart . Some brands use them for their advertisements. Often these horses even become famous . There have been many Giant Horses and most have become popular. This time, we don't know if another equine will manage to break Big Jake 's record.


As we have seen, Big Jake is the tallest horse in the world . But he is the largest still alive. An even bigger horse did exist. Hard to believe isn't it? It is however true.. The tallest horse of all time is called Sampson and measured no less than 2.19 m . This Giant Horse was also a Shire and was born in 1846. He therefore held his record for more than 150 years (obtained in 1850).

It was so massive that its owner Thomas Cleaver later renamed it " Mammoth ". He weighed 1520 kg , a beautiful animal in short.


Horses are animals very close to humans. They love human contact and are completely harmless and calm around them, especially draft breeds . Yet some are afraid because of their large size. This fear is not justified.

We've listed the top 5 horse breeds in the world , you won't believe it when you see the number 1 horse breed photo ! Let the countdown begin:


The Dutch Draft Horse , also known as the " Dutch Draft " is a heavier breed that originated in the Netherlands . He is known for his stocky body, wide neck and short legs. The Dutch draft horse has relatively small ears and eyes for its size. They are not widely used today and are quite unusual . People tend to be fascinated by its size and majestic appearance .

Similar to the Belgian trait , it too is purebred . No crosses have been confirmed in the family tree. It is a breed that has been used for many years for the purpose of pulling heavy loads , usually in groups, in square or rectangle formation.

  • Height: 1.63m to 1.72m

  • Colour: Chestnut, bay, brown roan bay, chestnut roan and brown bay

  • Origin: Netherlands

  • Weight: 750 to 1000 kg


The Percheron horse is the 4th breed of horse and originated in France . It is most popular among heavier breeds as it has a more ' elegant ' appearance and is used to mix breeds regularly . A Percheron mare from Australia holds the record for pulling 1500 kg over 4 meters. Another famous Percheron horse is Dr. Le Gear, who reached a height of 2.13m and was the tallest horse in the world during his lifetime.

It is a very well - known and popular horse breed in France due to its history. She has been nicknamed " stagecoach " because she was used a lot to transport stagecoaches in the 18th and 19th century .

  • Height: 1.60 to 1.85m

  • Coat: Gray or black

  • Origin: France

  • Weight: 500 to 1200 kg


The breed originated in Belgium as its name suggests. The modern Belgian draft horse is larger than the breed of 100 years ago. It is primarily used as a carriage horse . His back is very wide and short. They are known to be very calm and intelligent , and are therefore more popular among larger horse breeds .

  • Height: 1.63 to 1.73m

  • Color: Bay or Chestnut at the base then Roan

  • Origin: Belgium

  • Weight: About 900 kg


Clydesdale horses have a unique color that makes them immediately recognizable by their large white stockings and extensive plumage . They became world famous thanks to Budweiser advertisements.

It is an equestrian breed resulting from a cross. It was once used for agriculture . Today it is used for mostly for shows and parades .

  • Height: 1.63 to 1.83m

  • Colour: Mainly Bay

  • Origin: Scotland

  • Weight: 820 to 930 kg


The Shire horse originated in Great Britain and holds the world record for largest and largest horse breed . Stallions can be black, gray or bay and mares can be black, grey, bay or roan. The average weight is between 850 kg and 1100 kg . The tallest recorded horse in history is Mammoth County, he was 219 cm (21.2 hrs) tall.

This is probably the breed from which the tallest horses come . These giants have a docile character, they are " nice ". They are still used today for agriculture in England .

  • Height: 1.80m

  • Colour: Black, berry, gray

  • Origin: England

  • Weight: 850 to 1100 kg


If an average horse measures between 1.4 m and 1.8 m at the withers in adulthood, as we have seen, the tallest horses in the world exceed 2 m.

Here is a summary of important information ;

  • The Tallest Horse in the World still alive is called Big Jake and measures 2.10 m.

  • The Greatest Horse of all time is called Sampson . He was 2.19m tall and achieved this record 170 years ago in 1850.

  • The 5 largest horse breeds are as follows;

  1. The Shire, with a height of 1.80 m

  2. The Clydesdale with a height of 1.63 to 1.83 m

  3. The Belgian Trait with a height of 1.63 to 1.73 m

  4. The Percheron with a height of 1.60 to 1.85 m

  5. The Dutch Trait with a height of 1.63 to 1.72 m

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