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Even if beauty is subjective, we have the right to ask ourselves: What is the most beautiful horse in the world ? Purebred? Is this yours? We will try to answer this question. FIRST 15 Throughout history, there has been a natural friendship between man and horse. This comradeship has given the ancestor a special place in history as man has served in the fields of warfare, mobility, productivity and agriculture. The horse has played an important role in contributing to the development of civilization. Therefore, he has gained a lot of recognition and honor. Horses inspire great qualities and virtues such as nobility, strength, grace, power, freedom and beauty. We believe that horses are creatures of extraordinary beauty and that is why we have compiled a list of the most beautiful horses in the world for you. Here are the Top 15.


15. KWPN KWPNs, also known as Dutch Warmbloods, are sport horses derived from crosses between Gelderland, Groningen and Thoroughbred, also crossed with French and German horses . It is one of the most successful riding horses at the highest level, especially in show jumping . Also called Dutch hot blood, he is a true champion for equestrian and equestrian sports. Partly thanks to his mental and physical abilities, he has a very good level of jumping and dressage.

  • Size: 1.60m to 1.75m

  • Dress: All colors

  • Origin: Netherlands

  • Weight : 450kg

14. FIORT The fjord is a small breed of horse originating from Norway . The fjord is considered very pure, as it descends from the primitive Asian horses that came to Norway from the East. The Fjord is easily recognizable by its fur, mullet and stripes on its limbs, and its two-tone mane, often cut into brushes. It was formerly used by the Vikings for warfare, but today it is used for horseback riding, sometimes farming and entertainment. Do you think this is the most beautiful horse in the world ?

  • Size: 1.35m to 1.55m

  • Outfit: Isabelle, Souris, Dun

  • Origin: Norway

  • Weight: 400 kg to 500 kg

13. AND FALABELLA It's a little special. This is a miniature horse ! He couldn't neglect to be on top of the most beautiful horses in the world , because everything small is cute. This breed originates from Argentina and its name derives from a family that bred these horses. Falabella family. Of course, this is not a breed created for riding, but still a horse like any other. It is sometimes used as a pet because its physique and characters are cute and friendly.

  • Size: 70cm to 80cm

  • Dress: All colors

  • Origin: Argentina

  • Weight: 70kg

12. KREOL Criollo is a small breed of horse. It originates from South America . Argentina's most famous Criollo made a name for himself in polo matches. Although common in South America, the breed is unknown in the rest of the world. Criollo has different names depending on the South American country. It is known for its durability .

  • Size: 1.40m to 1.50m

  • Color: Laurel, Chestnut, Isabelle

  • Origin: Argentina, Brazil, Chile

  • Weight: 450kg

11. LE KNABSTRUP Behind this difficult-to-pronounce name is a very special breed. Originating from the cross, this saddled horse hails from Denmark. It is very recognizable thanks to its mottled coat . An Andalusian and Frederiksborg cross breeds this original mix. Today, it is a highly acclaimed hope with its very docile and gentle character . But also for equestrian shows , thanks to her unique spotted dress .

  • Height: 1.55m

  • Color: Spotted

  • Origin: Denmark

10. CHEVAL MORGAN The Morgan horse was one of the first breeds developed in the United States. Morgan horses have played many roles throughout American history. They served as transport horses , general riding animals , and even cavalry horses on both sides of the Civil War . These animals are known and appreciated for their versatility.