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What is Christmas?

Today, Christmas corresponds to the day of birth of baby Jesus, but a long time ago before the advent of Christianity, another feast, from the Roman cult, was celebrated on December 25: the Sol Invictus (a solar cult).

The cult of the sun, instituted by Emperor Aurelian with the aim of unifying the Roman world, did not meet with the expected success. Never mind, his successor the Emperor Constantine, freshly converted to Christianity, changed the subject of the celebration, but not the date. Thus, since the 4th century, December 25 is attributed to the birth of Jesus.

What is Christmas?
What is Christmas?

Was Jesus really born on December 25?

The Bible never mentions the date of birth of Christ, on the other hand, it is written there that the shepherds are outside with their flocks at the time of his coming into the world. Some deduce from this that Jesus was therefore not born in winter. FYI, in Bethlehem, in the province of Judea, the average temperature is 12 degrees in December.

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