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What is good riding

A prince on a white horse galloping towards his beloved. An imposing rider, deftly coping with a skittish horse. Noble knights, brave musketeers, brutal cowboys... Horseback riding is surrounded by an aura of romance, which is inspired by the plots of fairy tales and adventure films loved since childhood. Why not try yourself as a rider?

Riding a horse into the wind, inhaling the bitter aroma of herbs and feeling like a part of nature - it's breathtaking. In addition to romance and emotional outburst, horseback riding brings great health benefits:

  1. Strengthening of the muscular corset.

  2. Prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

  3. Impeccable posture.

  4. Improvement of various organs and systems of the body: cardiovascular, circulatory, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, nervous.

  5. Removal of psychological tension and stress. Riding is good because it helps to get out of depression.

  6. Improving well-being in chronic gynecological diseases (achieved due to intensive blood supply to the pelvic organs).

When the candy-bouquet period is left behind, and the development of the relationship of a couple in love gradually turns into a stable course, always useful emotional outburst. Psychologists are convinced that joint vivid impressions are one of the most effective ways to strengthen relationships. What are the benefits of horseback riding for a couple? This:

  1. A date in an unusual setting.

  2. The opportunity to reveal hitherto unknown qualities of the second half (dexterity, courage, attitude towards nature and animals).

  3. An unforgettable photo session against the backdrop of a beautiful forest, clean sandy beach and a mirror pond.

Expensive perfumes and fashionable accessories will never be compared with such an unforgettable gift as a romantic horseback ride.

Some people who have never ridden a horse are afraid: will it work for sure? Pınar Horse Safari company employs professional instructors who will help you master all the tricks of riding. It can be either an introductory briefing or a series of lessons. We are ready to accept:

  1. individual guests;

  2. families;

  3. pairs;

  4. big companies.

The stable contains more than fifty magnificent horses. They are friendly and will be glad that you honored them with your attention.

Join the Horse club contact group and you will learn a lot of interesting things from the life of horses and their owners.

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