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There are literally hundreds of species of horses and ponies. Some are less than a hundred years old, while others have been around much longer than you might think. Some species, such as the Norwegian Fjord, have their roots in prehistoric times. It even goes back to the monsters that roamed the earth 30,000 years ago.


Przewalski's horse is the oldest breed of horse. It is a wild horse that was domesticated 5500 years ago. This species is nearly extinct, but has been saved.


OTHER 3 VERY OLD BREED: 1. Khazar horse One of the oldest horse breeds is the Caspian horse, native to Iranis . Character: The Caspian is an extremely intelligent and brave race. It is famous for its loyalty, its calm nature even in stallions makes it ideal for children. Everyone knows the Arabian horse, but few know about its direct ancestor, the Khazar. However, its origin This small breed, which dates back to 3000 years, is considered the oldest domesticated breed in the world and the founding breed of the Arabs. It is said to have played an important role in the development of most warm-blooded breeds today. Initially, the breed was bred on the narrow shores of the Caspian Sea for thousands of years. However, since 2008, the genus has once again been on the endangered species list. While the future of the genre is by no means guaranteed, its past has been tied to various royal dynasties. Queen of the Persian King dynasty II. until Elizabeth. 2. ICELAND HORSE With a history of over 12,000 years, the Icelandic horse is undoubtedly the oldest breed still in existence. Even in Viking mythology, it is stated that he was drawn day and night by two Icelandic horses, Hrímfaxi and Skinfaxi. Besides being the oldest breed, the Icelandic horse is one of the oldest purebred horses that has not been affected by any external influences for more than a thousand years. Never allowing a horse to return to the country after leaving Iceland helps keep the breed pure. Known for their gait, the Icelandic horse has two unique gaits that give the rider a very smooth and comfortable ride: tölt and speed. The Icelandic horse is a very powerful horse for its size and can carry much heavier riders than many other breeds. Like many local breeds, the Icelandic horse develops an extra layer of fur during the winter, and this combined with a thicker mane and tail helps it stay warm in the snow. 3. ARABIAN HORSE The Arabian horse must be one of the most famous and popular breeds in the world. It is also one of the oldest. Although its origins are unclear, there are many legends about its origin. The most common myth is that of the Prophet Muhammad. This could keep a herd of horses without water for 7 days. After the seventh day the horses rushed to drink. Muhammad then recalled the horses, and all but five ignored the call. It is from these five horses that the breed evolved. A desert breed, the Arabian is a very hardy horse that has contributed to the creation of many other breeds such as the Thoroughbred and the Quarter Horse. It has also been used to add quality and durability to other breeds already in existence. Many stud farms today choose Arabian horses for their needs, and even though they are all different, they are still easily recognizable.

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