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What is the riding age?

What is the riding age? There is no single answer to this question. Equestrian is a fun and healthy sport that people of all ages can do. However, there are some conditions and precautions for riding.

What is the riding age?
What is the riding age?

First of all, the person who wants to ride must be physically and mentally fit. Riding is an activity that works all the muscles of the body and develops skills such as balance, coordination and reflexes. But it also carries a risk of injury. For this reason, it is recommended that the prospective rider consult his doctor about his health condition and use the necessary protective equipment.

Second, the person wishing to ride must choose a suitable horse. Horses also have different characteristics and needs according to their age. Usually, horses are put under the saddle at the age of 4-5 and can be ridden up to the 20s or 30s. However, this may vary depending on the horse. It is important for the candidate to choose a horse suitable for his experience and to take good care of the horse.

Finally, the person wishing to ride must seek support from a professional trainer or club. Equestrian is not just horse riding; it also covers topics such as how to treat the horse, how to communicate, how to steer safely. Knowledge of these subjects is beneficial for both the rider and the horse.

What is the riding age? The summary of his question is as follows: Equestrian is a sport that people of all ages can do, but subject to certain conditions. It is recommended that those who want to start riding should have their health checked, choose a suitable horse and seek professional help.

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