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What shoes should be worn when riding a horse?

Horseback riding is both a fun and healthy activity. However, choosing the right shoes while riding is very important. The wrong shoes can endanger the safety of both you and your horse. So, which shoes should be worn while riding a horse? In this article, we will try to help you with this.

What shoes should be worn when riding a horse?
What shoes should be worn when riding a horse?

There are some features of the shoes you should wear while riding a horse. These:

- The heel of the shoe should be between 2.5-4 cm. This heel length prevents your foot from slipping out of the stirrup and provides better balance.

- The toe of the shoe should be protected and hard. In this way, your foot will not be harmed in case the horse treads.

- The sole of the shoe should be non-slip and flexible. In this way, you can hold on better in the stirrup and your foot can move freely.

- The shoe should have a structure that supports the ankle. This is very important to prevent ankle sprains and injuries.

Shoes with these features are generally called **riding boots**. Riding boots can be made of leather, rubber or other synthetic materials and can reach below the knee. Riding boots can be used in the stable or on the farm as well as for horse riding.

There are other options besides riding boots. One of them is **jodhpur boots**. Jodhpur boots are a shorter version of the classic riding boots and come up to the ankle. Jodhpur boots can also be made of leather or synthetic materials and have heels, pads and flexible soles.

Another option is **paddock boots**. Paddock boots are also ankle-length shoes that are more durable than jodhpur boots. Paddock boots are designed for use in the stable or paddock, but you can also ride horses.

Here are the shoes that you should definitely not wear while riding:

- Shoes that are open or loose, such as Crocs, such as slippers, high heels, sandals, chunky, garden shoes. Such shoes may cause your foot to slip or become stuck in the stirrup, or may not provide adequate protection if the horse treads.

- Shoes with soft soles or slippery soles, such as canvas sneakers. In such shoes, it may be difficult to hold on to the stirrup or your foot may not be able to move comfortably.

As a result, riding boots are the best choice when riding, but jodhpur or paddock boots may also work. The important thing is to choose a shoe that is suitable for your foot, with heels, with protection and flexible soles.

We hope this article was useful to you.

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