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What size horse is right for you?

Find the perfect match based on your weight

It can be difficult to determine which horse size is best for your needs. There are many variables that decide whether a rider is too tall or too heavy for a particular horse.

You can follow these guidelines, but ultimately each case needs to be evaluated individually.

What size horse is right for you?
What size horse is right for you?

Consider the following:

  • How much experience do you have as a competitor;

  • The fitness of the horse;

  • Your own fitness level;

  • Type of mount you plan to make;

  • Weight of your equipment.

An experienced rider will be balanced, whereas beginners typically need a few more years under saddle before they are fully centered in every stride. Also, riding for an hour in the arena at a walk or trot is much less intense compared to riding for six hours on rough terrain.

Weigh your factors carefully when making a decision on choosing the appropriate size for your horse. In general, a horse can comfortably carry 20-25% of its weight. Be sure to include the saddle, blanket, and any extra equipment. For example, if the horse weighs 450 kg (one thousand pounds) and carries 20% of its weight, it can carry up to 90 kg (200 pounds) between rider and equipment.

another approach

Calculate the total weight of the horse, rider and any equipment. Measure the circumference of the shin bone. Divide the weight by the circumference of that bone. Divide that number by two. Keep the value between 75 and 80 to get the ideal size for your horse.

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to deciding whether a horse is the right size for you. These guidelines can be helpful as a starting point!

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