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  • Are there any drinks during the breaks?
    Drinks are available during the break, payments can be made at the end of the trip. Breaks in the journey may vary depending on conditions.
  • Can I spend time with other activities while I wait?
    We have paintball and archery service for extra charge for you to join while you wait for the start of your trip or before returning to your hotel.
  • Do you have safe storage?
    Security boxes can be rented for safe storage of personal items while driving.
  • Can I gallop?
    Galloping and galloping on a ride is strictly prohibited. If you are a competent rider and wish to canter or canter, please consult the managers who will write your name. If you think you can canter at the end of the tour guide, you will get 10 minutes fast. ride But please note that this is at your own risk, Our Insurance does not cover you.
  • Can children ride alone?
    Children 3-6 years old can ride with an Adult, but a staff member may lead the horse if the child is old enough to ride independently. Europeans aged 7 and over will not be allowed to ride the same, they must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Can I carry my bag?
    For your own safety and the safety of other guests, it is strictly forbidden to bring a camera phone or bag on the trip.
  • Do health problems prevent you from riding?
    It is important for your safety to tell the tour guide if you have any medical problems such as back problems, breathing difficulties or pregnancy.
  • How will I make payments?
    Payments for food, drinks and souvenirs can be made to the driver if you do not have enough cash with you when you return to your hotel. Credit cards are also accepted.
  • How long will riding take?
    Our trips take an average of 1 hour and 15 minutes, including breaks, but this time can vary.
  • When will we be in the barn?
    Before we start riding we will be at the stables for between 20 and 30 minutes, please feel free to have a drink while you wait or look around our shop area.
  • Do I have to wear a helmet?
    Helmets are for your Health and Safety and are an insurance requirement. No Helmet No Ride.
  • Where do our excursions take place?
    Our trips are made through forest roads closed to traffic. On the river, we travel between 300 and 400 meters. Our professional riders and assistants will accompany you at all times and you are requested to follow their directions.
  • Do you shoot videos and photos?
    Our professional team will shoot photos and videos that will be transferred to DVD. These will be available to watch when we return to Pınar and you will be given the opportunity to purchase this and other souvenirs.
  • What should I wear while driving?
    Shorts and riding shoes are available to rent or buy.
  • Is there a insurance?
    Pınar Safari is covered by a three point insurance .
  • How do you arrange our Marmaris Horse Safari excursion ?
    In order to finalise your excursion bookings with us we need to arrange a 15 minute appointment with you at your accommodation on the day you arrive. If you arrive on a night flight then we can arrange an appointment for later in the day. During the appointment you will meet with our representative who will provide you with detailed information about the excursion. They will also issue your excursion voucher and take payment. On the booking form below; we request your flight details, this is to help us arrange a suitable time for your meeting. We will send you an email confirming the meeting time. The email will also contain our local contact number in resort for you to call if you need to re-arrange the meeting after you arrive.
  • Can I feed the horse?
    After the ride, there are small snacks that you can give to your horse as a thank you by paying a fee.
  • Where will I get my helmet?
    Staff will allocate your Helmet , Please wait for your turn (Personal)
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