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Clothing for riding.

Dense forest in the dazzling rays of the sun, pleasant waves in the clear water, the rustle of the grass and the chirping of birds - it's all just a background. And in the foreground - you riding a magnificent horse, dutifully carrying out your orders. To get the most out of horseback riding, you should find out what attire should be when riding a horse.

You should immediately understand your goals, to give advice on what attire is needed for horseback riding :

  1. Ride a single horse.

  2. Periodic rest on horseback.

  3. Regular riding.

If you plan to ride a horse more than a few times a year, we're not talking about purchasing special clothing for horseback riding. You need to buy comfortable things (e.g. jeans and sweaters). It is desirable that the clothes were made of natural fabrics, reliably protected from possible winds and the scorching sun. It is better not to have ribbons, strings, tons of buckles on it.

Binicilik için giyim.
Binicilik için giyim.

For those who cannot imagine their life without riding a horse, it is better to replenish your wardrobe with the following things:

  1. Trousers made of elastic fabric that prevents chafing of the skin of the legs. Usually they make a special patch at the point of contact with the saddle. It is made of leather or very dense fabric.

  2. Tight-fitting short jacket (as an option - with removable sleeves).

  3. Chin strap hood. It is necessary in the role of softening the blows of tree branches falling on the road. It also acts as head protection in the event of an accidental fall (and even experienced riders are not exempt).

  4. Special gloves made of wool, cotton or leather. They will help prevent the reins from slipping, as well as protect your hands from cracking and cooling.

For riding, it is important not only to choose the right clothes, but also to choose shoes. An ideal solution for riding - genuine leather boots with a small heel. The most inappropriate shoe options :

  1. Bulky shoes that do not fit the foot. This will cause discomfort if the stirrup is smaller than your shoes or boots.

  2. Corrugated-soled boots or shoes. You do not feel stirrups in them, the risk of foot slippage is high.

  3. High heels. Consider not going to a social event, even when you're waiting for luxury shots on horseback. The heel can injure the animal and will not allow you to stay safely in the saddle. And in the event of a fall, he can play a cruel joke, be caught in a belt or entangled in a stirrup.

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